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GMXR2 is an audio generation tool you can use to create audio for your projects.

GMXR2 has a waveform generator with several wave shapes, pitch and envelope control and a modulator to generate all sorts of sounds! There are also handy buttons to generate pre-defined sound types, such as jump or shoot sounds.

sounds can be saved in .wav format and imported into other programs to be used there.

The sounds generated by this program are your creations and can be licensed however you see fit. Use them in commercial projects, sell them in asset packs or open source them, you have total control.

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Hello Wubs and thanks for this nice tool.

I've tried a couple of times to download it via the icth client app but it's not downloading. Can you please look into it?

Thank you.


i would suggest downloading it via itch.io's website in a PC browser. its PC only.

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Thanks for the fast reply. 
Yes I'm on win11. But i'll use the website to download and get back to you.
EDIT: download from the website worked just fine. Thank you.


why would you use windows 11? its a buggy mess and still in development


And that's exactly why people need to use it to report those bugs


Firstly just wanna say thank you for creating this! I'll be planning on using this for a project i'm currently working on.
Now, a couple questions: What is the situation in terms of copyright and stuff? Would you like to be credited in anything sounds from this are used for (I am of course fine with doing that, just want to know!)
And also, is there any chance of a linux port? I was actually able to instantly get it working by adding it to steam and forcing it to use proton, and it runs brilliantly like that but if you did happen to make a linux port, that would be great!

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hello, anything you create with this tool is your property to do what you will.
no credit needed.
not planning a linux port, but i may end up doing that and Mac if enough people are interested.


Awesome, thank you so much! Added a few sounds and already makes my game feel so much more alive.

That's of course fine, and like I said, proton works well for it anyway so it's still usable at least on linux.

Thanks so much dude, you've taken another chunk of stress out of my head!


Perfect timing! Was just about to create some audio for our mini-Pokemon clone \(^^)/ Thank you, Wubs!


Whoa dude, that's mighty cool of you, I appreciate it alot.


Thanks! glad you enjoy it.


Hell yeah


Thanks wade! maybe you can find a few beeps and boops to use in your chiptune stuff :D


Good shit man