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You can use these sprites in games you create!

 - generate random guns, or customize your own
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Click on buttons or drag sliders to generate and save sprites.


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Love this tool only complaint I have is to do with choosing colours personally I would prefer to pick from a shown palette rather than having to cycle through all the colours otherwise 10/10 already made a handful of guns for my game.

Can I use the generated weapons for my game that I'm going to trade?

This is fully open to be used for games you sell, trade, or give away.
Anything created with this tool is your property. You can do what ever you want with it. :)


this is amazing, it work fine.


Please add the ability to insert or draw custom parts, this will give a great power up to the software


Very good thanks!

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its good for guns and submachines 

not for big guns or sniper  

I have the same issue, the way I fixed my need for a sniper was to make a gun with maxed barrel length, maxed stock, maxed optics and the smallest mag. After saving it I loaded it into Aseprite and made the changes I needed i.e: changing the stock to an actual sniper stock, making the barrel a little bit longer, and adding a cosmetic bi-pod. It's a pain sometimes, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


I'm making a large sprite pack to sell. Could I use this for my gun's? 


sure can!

its fully free to use in anything. just dont resell the exact source code, and we are all set!


Awesome thanks!


This is a pretty cool generator, thank you so much :D


100000000/10 helped sooo much, Thanyou!!!


It looks great but sadly i cant dowload anything on my laptop


awesome asset! What is the license for it?


Also any chance you can add a feature to make sprites smaller? like x16?

free to use for any project, personal or commercial .


i love it 

the only drawback is that you should make the colors easier to select. otherwise amazing

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100% for sure!
It was made to be used :D


sooooooooooooooo gooood


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sure can :D


i love this.